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Contract Title BBC News
Contract Website
Contract Application All BBC websites and apps
Contract Type website with app
Contract Date 08/22/2017
TOS Website
Total Rating 71.11

Total Page Count 21

Terms: 9 pages; Privacy: 12 pages

The Right to Privacy 2 out of 5

General Info: cookies. 3rd party cookies. Sometimes google analytics. Collects your IP address.

GOOD ASPECTS: Applies to all BBC apps and websites. All data deleted upon cancellation of account. You can pay 10 British Pounds to request a copy of all personal information the BBC hold about you. This is REALLY cool. All companies should offer this as a courtesy to users.

BAD ASPECTS: If you sign up, 3rd party apps have access to your information and vice versa. Outside the UK: online behavioral ads. Confusing ellipses (...) that need to be removed. If your account is not used for a year, it may be deleted. It's not clear that there are two websites: for those in the UK, and for those outside the UK, through their commercial subsidiaries BBC Worldwide and BBC Global News. It's unclear why. Does not support "Do Not Track" signals. They do not discuss account recovery and cell phone porting in a proper manner.

The Right to Equal, Fair, & Reasonable Expression 2 out of 5

BAD ASPECTS: They can remove whatever they "reasonably deem to be offensive, inappropriate, or objectionable". I am happy to see the word 'reasonable' but it should not be what THEY think is reasonable, but instead, what a reasonable person who doesn't work for the BBC would think. The way it's written, 'reason' seems to be arbitrarily defined by the BBC. They tell you not to post anything offensive or obscene, but give no guidance to help someone determine what those words mean.

GOOD ASPECTS: You don't need to worry about this if you don't sign up.

The Right to Control My Intellectual Property 2 out of 5

BAD ASPECTS: If you upload something, they can use it without identifying you, and can edit or change it (p5). There are also too many external links. Same old: worldwide, in perpetuity, no compensation, and... derivative works. Why do they need to make derivative works?

GOOD ASPECTS: They don't take over your copyright.

The Right to Sue 3 out of 5

Laws of England. Venue: English courts.

GOOD ASPECTS: They take responsibility if their service or content damages your device or anything on it. They also take responsibility for negligence, which is perhaps why the BBC has less fake news that probably any other news media I've come across. Good job BBC! But... then on Page 7 they specifically disclaim that content is accurate. So much for that! But maybe they just adhere better to journalistic standards, because here in the USA, they have disappeared. In any case, you can trust them more than virtually any other news source. They also categorize you as a consumer so you can rely on consumer protection laws. Excellent! Doesn't seem to limit your recovery.

BAD ASPECTS: You have to go to England to file suit. Yay! Great excuse to go on a vacation! Bad news: you'll probably have to keep going back as the case progresses.

The Right to Low-Cost Arbitration 3 out of 5

GOOD ASPECTS: There doesn't seem to be a prohibition on arbitration. No apparent limit of recovery.

BAD ASPECTS: Again, you have to go to England.

The Right to Join a Class Action 5 out of 5

No waiver, so I assume it's allowed. However, I'm not sure if class action lawsuits are permitted in England.

The Right to No Hidden Terms or Fees 3 out of 5

GOOD ASPECTS: No hidden fees.

BAD ASPECTS: The TOS is really really hard to read. They try to make it easy to read, and in so doing, make it quite difficult.

The Right to Fair Process & To Be Heard 1 out of 5

BAD ASPECTS: They can boot you off for any 'reasonable' reason, but 'reasonable' is wholly defined by them, with no oversight. No due process. No warning process. No opportunity to correct. No defense period. No fair and impartial decision making process.

GOOD ASPECTS: They say if you abide by the terms, you won't be kicked off, but the terms within the terms are so unclearly defined that it's impossible to know if you are following the terms.

The Right to Appeal & The Right to Return 0 out of 5

No appeal process. No second chance/right to return.

The Right to Reasonable Terms 3 out of 5

GOOD ASPECTS: They have some videos for the terms, which may help you understand them. They take responsibility for many things, but also disclaim that content is accurate.

Historical Fairness 7.11 out of 10
Historical User Ratings 10.0 out of 10
Historical Lack of Lawsuits or Arbitrations 10.0 out of 10
Public Placement of TOS Fairness Score & Link 20.0 out of 20
Total Rating 71.11 out of 100
Additional Note


Ways to improve

1. Make the Terms easier to read
2. Combine them all into one.
3. Reduce the length.
4. Fix privacy policy.
5. Define 'reasonably', and better yet, make it fully objective
6. Fix the IP policy.
7. Let users sue you OR arbitrate, from their home city.
8. Create fair process and a right to be heard.
9. Create appeal rights and a right to return.
10. Take full responsibility for the accuracy of your reporting. Be brave and make it something you legally stand behind.
11. Add your TOS rating and link to your TOS page as outlined in our guidelines. You currently are being given all 20 points.

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